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You have a new brilliant idea and you want to see if the numbers make sense?

This course is for you!

No worries you don't need business or accounting background. This course is more based on common sense than accounting rules.

We will learn:

  • How to differentiate and identify you cost (Investment, Fixed Cost, Variable Cost)?
  • How to estimate your revenues?
  • How to calculate your margin?
  • How to calculate your break-even?
  • How to calculate your profit/loss?
  • How to estimate cash requirement?
  • How to calculate your ROI?
  • How to create a simple 3 year financial plan?
  • How to play around the model using scenarios (in excel)?

This course is short! Because i want my courses to be short. It's difficult to keep attention and motivation with e-learning. Therefore, I spend a lot of time preparing my courses to convey my message in the most concise (yet precise) way as possible. The whole course is scripted and recorded using green screen and encrusting keynotes with animation to support.

This means that in just a little bit more than one hour, your are good to go.

This course is really practical and I advise you to work on your own case as you through the lectures (the excel file for the examples are provided).

Updated on 03 April, 2018
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