Financial Decision Making PwC's Academy
Price: AED 2,755
  • Locations: Dubai, UAE
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Timings 8:30 am – 4:00 pm

    Course details

    Managers and business owners in every industry are increasingly asked to make financial decisions or present business cases for decision making. While it is expected that managers will make decisions to maximise the wealth of stakeholders, there is very little formal training provided for this key skill.

    This course will enable participants to gain a toolkit for analysing and evaluating financial decisions. With interactive exercises and case studies, participants will learn to analyse key financial decisions, learn techniques for capital budgeting decisions, and evaluate the decisions that will enable the organisation to achieve the ultimate objective of maximising stakeholder wealth.

    Key outcomes

    The agenda for the event will cover relevant topics together with examples to ensure that at the end of the programme you are confident and are able to do the folllowing:

    • Think with a financial mindset, linking decisions to the financial performance of the company 
    • Evaluate the impact of operational and financial decisions on the ultimate objective of maximizing stakeholders' wealth 
    • Understand the parameters which drive the financial decision making process 
    • Develop knowledge of various tools and techniques used in analysis of financial decisions 
    • Apply tools of financial decision making to typical operating and financial decisions 

    Who should attend?

    This course is ideal for any working professional who is required to make financial decisions or present business cases for expenditure. Aspiring and existing managers in procurement, marketing, administration, project planning, accounting, etc would also benefit from attending this course.

    Topics covered

    1. Analysis of key operating and financial decisions 
    2. Parameters driving financial decisions 
    3. Tools for capital budgeting decisions 
    4. Tools to help you take operational decisions 
    5. Case study

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    About PwC's Academy

    PwC Academy is the educational business of the global organisation PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Our goal is to give people greater knowledge, competence and expertise in finance and business. Our foundation is our team of expert professionals, who convey their wealth of knowledge and the practical experience they have gained within leading organisations around the world.

    We offer a variety of training courses covering professional qualifications, financial competencies, and management skills. The courses are based on both the individual experiences of our experts and the best practices of PwC Global. We constantly adapt our courses to meet the needs of modern business and tailor them to our client’s requirements. PwC’s Academies in the Middle East are part of PwC’s growing network of Academies which are present in over 30 countries worldwide. Through the network of PwC’s Academies we continually exchange best practices and successful methodologies to ensure that we are consistently providing industry leading training programmes.

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