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Day 1- Started with Financial Analysis

  • Financial Management's roles and responsibilities
  • The relationship between finance and analysis and accounting A precise review of financial statements along with their roles Reason ROI is a good place to start.
  • Identify the major success factors in your niche industry Understanding ratios, which one to use and why?
  • The financial review compared to expectations and targets Measurement systems of financial systems
  • Assumptions for key accounting
  • Case study starting to analyse examples
Day 2: Learning more than the basics of financial analysis

  • Two kinds of FCF- Free Cash Flow
  • Z-Score of Altman's and what it means? Understanding Du Pont Analysis
  • What is Scenario analysis? How to calculate it? What is Sensitivity Analysis and How to calculate it? What is the trend Analysis?
  • Improving ROE- Return On Equity
  • Case Study with examples
  • Global Business Advisors Making Connections I Delivering Results

Day 3: Information Evaluation

  • How to interpret the details?
  • Importance of Metrics and why?
  • Footnotes, Annual reports and beyond. What can they signal? Process and measure of short-term success evaluation
  • Uses, Sources and Industry data
  • Evaluation Process Benchmark
  • What do you mean by RONA, EBITA, EVA and more terms
  • The result of the analysis calculation
  • Complete the instance analysis of the case study
Day 4: Process of Budgeting and Management

  • Direct and vision strategy
  • The operational planning process of implementing a strategy The financial expression of operating a budget plan Controlling the purpose of budget
  • Budgeting and its human side
  • Budget framework elements
  • Limitation and benefits of budgets
  • The key control of reporting
  • The case study of starting preparing budget
  • Global Business Advisors Making Connections I Delivering Results

Day 5: Completing the budget with the help of tools

  • Master budget
  • Assumption
  • Understanding Pro Forma financial statements like balance sheet, cash flow statement, and income statement Marketing and sales budget
  • Production budget
  • Administrative and General budgets
  • complete the budget- case study

Updated on 21 March, 2019

Eligibility / Requirements

This in depth course is designed for those already within the finance sector; Accountants, Auditors, or those at Directorship level, decision maker either
within or outside of finance.

Job roles this course is suitable for:


About GBA -Professional London Training Center

GBA  Corporate is one of the most upcoming UK training company with wide range of courses on offer in more than 15 Countries worldwide. Our Vision is to transform the training background, impacting corporate, and government sector to the individuals though result-centric programs.
Our mission is to boost the performance through our wide range of innovative programs that will enhance the skills of the employee and will build new perspectives though our diverse environment.

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GBA Corporate is a family of highly expereinced, well versed and reputed trainers in their industry. They have ages of expereince in various streams and nurtured knowledge from their years of experience training the many delegates from Senior Executives, CEO’s, Directors to Junior Executives with in the Public and Private Sectors. They will deliver their knowledge, their experience which will directly impact the delegates and will enable them to work and contribute towards personal growth as well towards the organisation growth. 

Our team is from diverse culture and holds the leadership skills with have sound knowledge of business and highly educated that will accompany you through the whole journey that you will never feel alone. They will understand your training requirement thoroughly and will guide you with the best possible ways. 

Why GBA Corporate 

GBA Corporate - Because we have something different to offer. We named our company as it signifies what we offer, how our client responds to our work, and how we feel about delivering it. Our work meets the brief, takes the weight off clients shoulders ,ease the tension and leaves them delighted with the results.

With years of experience in IT, Healthcare, HR, Accounts and Finance and various other stream our management and training experience have catered large corporates, private and public sectors also delegates from the Parliament and Ministries majorly in Government bodies. Our training programmes are dynamic and effective giving you the knowledge you need backed with many case studies and practical examples.

Our Recognition

Professional Recognition & Registrations

GBA Corporate is highly reputed and recognised company that you can rely on. You will be in the hands of a professionals who will understand your requirements in details. Our experience and our highly qualified trainers worked really hard to give the reputation and maintain the reputation of GBA. Our Course and officially accredited by professional body and UKRLP to give you more satisfaction and relaxed bent of mind.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

CPD is a Professional Development Body which give accreditation to the training provider after going through the rigorous process. Organisation generally want CPD accredited training. This make them sure that whatever they are retaining is good in quality and is updated and knowledgeable. It ensures our standards as a company are kept high and consistent.


GBA Corporate is a Registered Learning Providers under UKRLP and gives you more satisfaction and guarantee that whatever you are learning is highly recognized and up to the quality of education

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