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What you need to know about this course

The emphasis of this course is on the creative and practical side of digital film making. The course covers the basic knowledge required to produce a short video, including basic storyboarding, digital camera operation, lighting, sound and digital computer editing on an industry leading application.

The course is very 'hands-on' and practical in its approach with students being exposed to a range of industry standard applications. SAE Institute has invested in the latest professional technology to give its students the edge in this competitive market.

Target Audience

The 8-week course is intended for anybody who wants to get substantial skills in film making, such as basic and advanced camera handling, lighting and video editing. The programme is open to anyone 17 years and above with no prior experience nor personal equipment.

On completion of the course students will have the skills to construct a piece of work creatively, and assemble the content in a logical manner with a target audience in mind. Students will be able participate in a short film production. This course can be used as a 'stepping stone' for students who wish to progress to our Bachelor of Film Production programme.

Entry Requirements

There are no academic requirements to participate in this programme. The student needs to be a minimum of 16* years of age upon commencement of the course.

*For delegates who are are 14 or 15 years old and wish to join our short courses a special consideration process from management is required.

About SAE Dubai

SAE Dubai was founded in 2005 in order to bring expert training and education to the fields of Audio and Film in the Middle East,  providing a local base for a global outlook on the new media industries. Since the foudnation we have produced hundreds of graduates, each uniquely prepared to fill emerging opportunities in the creative industries throughout the region. Our course offerings have grown to include Animation and Multimedia and we're always examining new and exciting opportunities as they arise in the region. In 2011 our Middle East operations were acquired by TwoFour54. Their vision is "to enable the development of world class Arabic media and entertainment content". With this partnership, SAE Dubai will have strong support in the local area and industry. 

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