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  • Duration / Course length: 52 Hours Start now
  • Accredited in: UK
  • Accredited by: CiQCPD Qualification Standards
  • Certificates:
  • Course delivery: This course is delivered in video format

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Digital Marketing is the umbrella term for the marketing of a product or services using digital technologies. Digital marketing is considered as one of the best ways of marketing. The success of any business depends on the right marketing strategies. In this modern age, people use technologies more than anything such as the newspaper. In fact, they read newspapers and even saw the flyers on the internet. As a result, digital marketing is an important aspect of the business.
The key objective of digital marketing is to promote the products, brands or services through various forms of media. In the course, you will learn all the basic information about digital marketing. The course includes sales and marketing basics, how internet marketing works, what is affiliate marketing, how to find the competition, research and niches, article marketing strategies, proper methods of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), etc. You will also learn the techniques of marketing through blogging, emails, etc. Finally, the course provides you with the information how to do marketing through social media like LinkedIn, Twiter, Facebook, etc.


Module 01
  • Sales and Marketing
  • How Internet Marketing Works
  • How To Make Money With Internet Marketing
  • What is Affiliate Marketing
  • Competition in Internet Marketing
  • Researching in Internet Marketing
  • Desperate Niches
  • Profitable Niches
Module 02
  • Clickbank
  • What is Traffic?
  • Traffic vs. Relevance
  • Article Marketing
  • Paid forms of Traffic - 1
  • Paid forms of Traffic - 2
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization 2
Module 03
  • Best SEO Practice
  • Blogs - WordPress
  • Blogs - WordPress II
  • Email Marketing I
  • Email Marketing II
  • Internet Marketing Strategy I
  • Your own website vs free options online I
  • Your own website vs free options online II
Module 04
  • What Are Niche Website?
  • The Role Of Visualization In Education
  • Identify Your Best Platform Or Software
  • Select A Web Host
  • Collect Your Site
  • Building A Content Rich Website
  • Build Backlinks
  • Use SEO, Multimedia And Social Sites
  • Use Analytics
  • Wrapping Up
Module 05
  • Introduction
  • Understanding the Value of Social Media Buzz and What It Can Do For Your Business
  • Developing a Winning Social Media Marketing Plan
  • Setup and Manage a Facebook Page That Works
  • Tweet Your Way to Online Prominence
  • Build Your Network with LinkedIn
  • Captivate Your Audience with YouTube
  • Conclusion
Module 06
  • Introduction to Email Marketing
  • Using Email Marketing Software
  • Building Email Lists by Quantity
  • Building Email Lists by Quality
  • Crafting an Email
  • Analyzing and Tracking Your Email Marketing Strategy
Module 07
  • Introduction to Facebook
  • Why You Should Care
  • Setting up a Facebook Page
  • How to Get More Likes for Your Facebook Page
  • Facebook Advertising
  • How Much Does Facebook Advertising Cost?
  • Marketing on Facebook
  • Create a Content Calendar
  • Understanding Edge Rank & the Art of Engagement
  • How Facebook Works
  • Setting up Facebook Business Page
  • Adding Background Graphics and Uploading Pictures
  • Page Settings
  • Using Basic Facebook Controls
  • Posts that Engage Your Fans
  • Using Basic Facebook Controls
  • Invite Friends to Your Facebook Page
  • Call To Action Button
  • Viewing Your Notifications
  • Facebook Promotions
  • Managing Your Facebook
Module 08
  • What You Need to Start with Twitter
  • How to Create Twitter Profile
  • How to Update Your Profile
  • Building Your Twitter Network
  • How and When to Tweet
  • Twitter Analytics
Module 09
  • What is Instagram?
  • Instagram for Business
  • Instagram & Community
Module 10
  • Offerings from Google
  • Privacy Settings
  • How to Create an Account
  • Adding Friends
  • Using Google+
  • Posts
  • Creating an Ad with Google
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics Part 1
  • Diagnose Landing Pages Part 2
Updated on 11 February, 2022

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