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Keep your dog's coat healthy and shiny - and give him a well-deserved treat - by knowing the right ways to groom different types of ;

If you want to work with dogs and have a strong empathy with animals, then maybe a career in grooming beckons. Or perhaps you'd like to understand how to groom your own dog. Practical and informative, this Animal Grooming course covers everything you need to know; from a history of dog grooming to today's popular styles, and what to do when accidents happen.
Dog grooming has come a long way since the 1st century BC when dogs were sheared like sheep. It wasn't until the 18th century Paris that the idea of clipping for fashion, rather than function, came into being. But with Holly and Hugo you have the latest clips for reference, and will never be lost for style, whether your client is a Poodle or a Samoyed.
When setting up a grooming business the course helps you:
Decide what equipment to buy
Learn how to safely restrain animals
Keep yourself safe
Keep you clients safe
Maintain good hygiene practises
Understand the correct way to shampoo and bathe dogs
Clip claws without tears
Know the traditional clips for different dog breeds
Enroll today and unleash your inner groomer! Updated on 08 August, 2019

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