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In today’s world, finance professionals are challenged with
providing management a detailed analysis of the impact of
the organization’s financial decisions. Therefore, finance
professionals need to be skilled at reading through the
numbers on the financial statements, analyzing the figures,
interpreting the various ratios and presenting this analysis in
a dynamic manner. This workshop takes you from the first
step of understanding the relationships between the different
elements of financial statements, through calculating and
analyzing the financial ratios to the last step of presenting
recommendations. While applying Excel tools and
techniques, various real life examples of published financial
statements will be used throughout the course.
The Financial Analysis workshop will help participants
understand and analyze the key components of financial
statements – income statement, balance sheet and
statement of cash flows. It includes recognition and
measurement of items in income statement and balance
sheet, review of disclosure notes and interpretation of
financial statements using key ratios. The commonly used
creative accounting techniques will be discussed to enable
participants to evaluate the quality of financial reporting.

Learning Outcome :
Gain a practical understanding of how to interpret and
use internal and external financial reports to inform and
influence the decision-making process. Once you know
how to translate this financial information, you’ll be able
to apply it to your business immediately.
  • ‚Apply the framework of financial statements analysis
  • ‚Use ratio and financial analysis
  • ‚Interpret company financials and industry position
  • ‚Appraise the process of company evaluation and analysis
  • ‚Prepare financial analysis template models
Updated on 18 February, 2019

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