Beacon Consulting EG Cash Flow Management and Forecasting Technique Beacon Consulting EG
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Payment System :
  • ‚Cash Payment
  • ‚Check-based Payments
  • ‚Large value Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)/Wire System
  • ‚Small Value Transfer (ACH) Systems
  • ‚Cards based Payment Systems
    Disbursement and Collection mechanism :
  • ‚Disbursements
  • ‚Disbursement Management Products
  • ‚Electronic Disbursement Products
  • ‚Card Payments
  • ‚Outsources Accounts Payable (A/P) Services
  • ‚Managing Disbursement Information Collections
  • ‚Collecting Payments
  • ‚Domestic Collection Products
  • ‚Cross-Border Collections and Trade
  • ‚Management Products
    Forecasting ART and Real Study Case :
  • ‚Purpose of cash Forecasting
  • ‚Issues and opportunities in Forecasting
  • ‚Types of Forecasts
  • ‚The Forecasting Process
  • ‚Forecasting Methods
  • ‚Best Practices for Cash Forecasting
Updated on 18 February, 2019

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Beacon Consulting EG is tailored Corporate Treasury consultancy and training service provider, we “Execlusivelly” Consulte, Train and Recruit for Corporate Treasury Function.
Instructors/Consultants are on a high level of professionalism and product manifestation where they are well trained to satisfy customers'​ needs throughout the course track as well as their extensive knowledge to retain customer base. See all Beacon Consulting EG courses

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