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Events, Conferences and Exhibitions Management Course


• Identify types of events and conferences
• Encourage events and conferences through planning and developing a step-by-step promotional plan
• Explain the various functions of the management of events and conferences
• Preparation and monitoring of financial aspects
• Planning and organizing different types of exhibitions
• Study all activities to follow up and follow up events
• Organize, evaluate and transform the various bodies involved in event and conference management

Training Content:

• Planning of events and conferences
• Definition of events and conferences
• Types of events and conferences
• Purpose of the Conference
• Importance and concepts
• Set SMART targets
• Prepare an efficiency plan with detailed activities and programs
• Selection of venue and meeting on the website of the event and the conference
• Organizing the event or conference
• Identify human resources to manage the effectiveness or conference
• Forming various specialized committees
• Train / motivate teams that manage the effectiveness or conference
• Promotion of events and conference
• Marketing for events and conferences
• Elements that attract participants
• Promotion and publicity of events and conferences
• Steps required to promote and market the event or event
• Develop a plan to promote events and conferences
• Various tasks for managing events and conferences
• Official carrier (airlines)
• Make hotel reservations
• Organization of the registration process for the Conference
• Social programs
• Public relations and the media
• Financial aspects of this
• Preparation of the conference budget
• Fixed expenses
• Variable expenditures
• Conference income
• Determine registration fees
• Finance Committee
• Organization of exhibitions
• The importance of exhibitions and conferences
• Goods and services available at the conference
• Pricing policy in exhibitions
• Implementation of the exhibition
• Promotion of the exhibition
• Exhibition management
• Criteria for selecting exhibitors
• Communicate with exhibitors
• Follow-up and evaluation of conference activities and effectiveness
• Monitor the activities of the conference or the event
• Smart objectives
• Key factors in evaluation
• Follow-up benefits
• Coordination and Follow-up Committee
• Monitoring and evaluation Updated on 09 May, 2019

About Alpha Training

Training is a beam in development and promotion and a milestone in the sectors whose success depends on the human thoughtful and managing factor.
The interest in Human Resources has increased being the permanent fortune , and the motive of performance and activity which in turn requires interest in training process. Therefore spending money on training mustn’t be regarded as luxury , but as a real investment with revenues, realized through increasing the employees productivity (performance) , minimizing the waste and the optimum utilization of the available resources.
Nowadays priority is to promote the ability of the cadres of establishments and companies , investing their abilities, and developing the Human Resources through training and development, because man is a basic beam to any economic development process and a competitive advantage that all companies and establishments wish to process.

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