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    Data Driven Framework is one of the popular Automation Testing Framework in the current market. Data Driven automated testing is a method in which the test data set is created in the excel sheet, and is then imported into automation testing tools to feed to the software under test.

    Selenium Webdriver is a great tool to automate web-based applications. But it does not support read and write operations on excel files. 

    What do we need to implement Data Driven Framework?

    In order to follow this approach we must have Eclipse, TestNG properly configured.

    Once done, we will look at:

    • Various interfaces of Apache POI.
    • Integration of Apache POI in the Eclipse.
    • Read Data from the Excel Sheet.
    • Write data to the Excel Sheet.
    • Advantages of using Apache POI with Selenium.

    Interface in POI

    One of the most remarkable features of Apache POI is that it supports read and write operations on both .xls and .xslx files.

    Updated on 22 March, 2018
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