Modern Academy of Training & Consultants Emotional Intelligence (Interactive Lecture) Modern Academy of Training & Consultants
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You know you are smart and you deserve the best, but you just can't seem to reach that breakthrough in your personal or your professional life. Why? What is it that you are doing wrong? Or don't do?

We challenge you into a journey of self discovery and personal growth by understanding 2 simple but essential words for success:


(Interactive Lecture)

Join us for the first interactive lecture in UAE and let's debate together the importance of knowing yourself and understanding the others in every day life.


We are pleased to provide you the modern academic training and consultancy Which was established in the UAE in order to be a partner in the innovation and development of the society for various government and private sectors To reach better levels of government services and to reach out to the smart objectives planned And achieve what is embedded in its strategic vision to become one of the best services and projects.

Our Vision

The MATC Training Center is the recognized leader in training technology and customized solutions for enhanced organizational performance. Through our models of excellence, the MATC community considers us to be a strong resource in support of the MATC research mission. Through the development of partnerships, we have created continuity within the training community. Through our career and leadership development programs, we are an integral component of the MATC succession plan.

Our Mission

The MATC Training Center advances the MATC research mission through the development of human capital. We deliver agency-specific training, career development programs, and customized consulting solutions to enrich learning and optimize individual, group and organizational performance.

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