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This course cover the application of problems and techniques in corporate finance with overview of various valuation methods as applied to corporations, advanced model timing and switching functionality, financial statement consolidations, progressive cost calculations, and advanced reporting and analysis tools with deep understanding of form
control and high end dashboard creation. During the course, participants also gain an insight into how to tailor the outputs of the model to end users, interpret the results, run sensitivities and optimization processes, as well as perform some degree of testing to reduce to incidence of modeling errors.
The techniques covered aim to produce models that are flexible, robust, transparent and use-friendly in nature.

Learning Outcome
  • ‚Build fully linked and dynamic financial models from scratch across several different industries.
  • ‚Develop the key business assumptions and use formulas to build the drive the forecast.
  • ‚Construct the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement for the entire forecast period.
  • ‚Learn the most advanced Excel formulas and functions.
  • ‚Apply a structured approach to financial modeling in Excel.
  • ‚Outline the hallmarks of good financial models.
  • ‚Build a complete DCF model in Excel from scratch.
  • ‚Develop a range of values for a business based on different assumptions and scenarios.
  • ‚Go beyond general financial modeling and valuation analysis.
Updated on 29 January, 2019

Eligibility / Requirements

General Requirements

  • It’s Essential to bring your Laptop with Excel 2010 or higher
  • Apple Laptop are not recommended.

About Beacon Consulting EG

The Treasury Hub !

Beacon Consulting EG is tailored Corporate Treasury consultancy and training service provider, we “Execlusivelly” Consulte, Train and Recruit for Corporate Treasury Function.
Instructors/Consultants are on a high level of professionalism and product manifestation where they are well trained to satisfy customers'​ needs throughout the course track as well as their extensive knowledge to retain customer base.

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