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In this course you'll learn the basics of taking control of your drone aerial photography images. We'll cover initial drone still photography setups, with a focus on making manual adjustments for your exposure and focus points. The first section of the course will focus on understanding exposure and how to adjust for the right exposure manually.

In section two of this class we'll cover the software used on your Smartphone or Tablet. We'll be working with DJI Go4 and Litchi, and we'll walk you through each app and how you can make manual adjustments to get the right exposure every time!

From the initial setups we'll be ready to take a quick flight and work with our photo settings while in the air. Both the DJIGo4 app and the Litchi app will be covered in depth in order to help you feel familiar with the interfaces while you're in the air.

Moving on from app setup and practicing shooting while flying, the next few sections of the course will cover an actual shoot with each app. We'll cover HDR and AEB setups (to produce HDR photos), we'll talk about single still images, and we'll address some additional features from the apps, like 360 panoramas in the Litchi App.

The class should prepare pilots new to still photography to take better images off the bat, and also how to catalog and edit the images after the shoot is over.

Finally, in a bonus section of this course students will find a "Lightroom Workflow" set of lessons that used to be used in my "in person" classes. The workflow class covers Lightroom 4, but everything in the course is relevant to today's Lightroom as well. This bonus section will show students how to create their own image processing workflow, and should add to their knowledge of how to handle their drone images after a large shoot is over.

Updated on 14 November, 2018
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