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    The Doctor of Business Administration is an integrated coursework and research program that may be completed in a minimum of two and a half years. The coursework component consits of the first year.

    Courses are conducted in the classroom in an intensive workshop model with face-to-face contact. All courses are assessed by written assignment. The transition between the coursework phase and the research phase is by the candidate satisfactorily completing the set of assessed Research Proposals for each research project).

    On satisfactory completion of the coursework units that are scheduled over the first year, candidates enter the research phase where they undertake individual supervised research projects. The output of each research project is a research paper of publishable style and quality. The portfolio of research papers is submitted for external examination.

    DBA Schedule First Year

    Semester 1

    • Management Research Perspectives
    • Information Technologies for Business Research
    • Global Environments and Management
    • Trends
    • Critique Analysis of Research

    Semester 2

    • Contemporary Management Research
    • Methods in Business & Management
    • Management Research Design & Methodologies
    • Preparation and Presentation of a Research Proposal

    DBA Schedule Second Year 

    Semester 1 

    • Doctoral Research Project 
    • Proposal Literature Review 

    Semester 2 

    • Doctoral Research Paper 

    DBA Schedule Third Year 

    Semester 1

    • Doctoral Research 

    Note: Instead of papers, candidates may write a dissertation of 40,000 words.

    About Al Tareeqah Management Studies

    Al Tareeqah Management Studies (ATMS) provides students with an opportunity to study International University Programmes while living in UAE. Our main goal is to provide all our students with a quality, cost-effective education and we pride ourselves in maintaining the highest academic standards.
    ATMS has a good understanding of the local market and immense amount of experience in managing education since 2006. We have explored the Middle East market and found ways to successfully market the fully accredited, approved and recognized curriculum. Our courses are delivered by the lecturers holding their PhD’s and drawn from academic and bearing relevant industrial experience. 


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    Manav Bharti University - India
    The Manav Bharti Charitable Trust (MBCT) is a not for profit making Trust. The objects of the Trust are poverty, education, medical relief and any other object of general public utility not involving the carrying on of any activity for profit. Manav Bharti University (MBU) strives to educate and nurture the unexploited talent of youth needed for the dynamic and highly competitive the lecturers holding their PhD’s and drawn from academic and bearing relevant industrial experience. See all Al Tareeqah Management Studies courses

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