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With 109 years of experience, Linguaphone Group is a world leading global language training provider, based in the UK.

We deliver a first-class range of language programs to children and adults worldwide under the internationally recognised Direct English, Pingu's English and Linguaphone brand names. We pride ourselves on service and innovation and through our partners are committed to providing you with a teaching service that is not only compassionate and supportive, but reliable and trustworthy too. With enthusiasm and passion, we will inspire and motivate you to ensure you maximise your full potential and achieve your learning goals.


Direct English works around you, moving at your own pace and increasing your language skills every step of the way and reflects the very latest thinking in language acquisition. When you enrol with us, you'll use our highly interactive coursebooks, both in our training centers and at home. This will be, combined with a comprehensive program of personalised tutorials, conversation classes and even social activities.

The syllabus is designed for maximum communication, allowing you to confidently use English from the earliest stages of your studies, at the same time as systematically covering all the major elements of English grammar. The Linguaphone Group combines all our experience and understanding to reflect how language is learned naturally. We'll introduce you to grammar and language points right from day one and encourage you to speak English from your very first class. Not classroom English, but language for real life situations.

Tutorial Class Manual

Tutorials lie at the heart of the Direct English system. The Direct English philosophy suggests that adults learn best when they take responsibility for their own learning. However, the Tutor's role is crucial to provide motivation and to answer questions and resolve difficulties.

Conversation Class Manual

The conversation classes given at our Direct English training centers are not like English classes at other language schools or training centers. Our classes are part of the Direct English learning system and have been carefully planned to fit into customers' overall learning program. Conversation classes are not 'teaching' classes, they are 'practice' classes - a chance for students to practice their developing natural conversation skills in English using a wide variety of often topical news and events.


It's simple.

  • We listen to you, get to know you, find out what works for you. Direct English is based on more than understanding language;
  • it's based on how you learn it.
It's flexible.
  • Learning English takes time so we let you study when, where and how you like, to fit in with your lifestyle. You can combine personal study with tutorials, conversation classes and multimedia classes, at times that suit you, without putting your life on hold.

It's effective.

  • Our syllabus reflects how language is naturally learned, introducing grammar and language points right away - you'll be speaking conversational English from day one. By returning to these points as your language skills and vocabulary develops, it reinforces what you've learned.
It's personalised.
  • We treat you as an individual, not just a face in a classroom. We recognise that everyone has different learning abilities and needs, so we start out by finding which pace of study you're happy with.

It's proven.

  • Our methods are designed to train you carefully in the four skills of understanding, speaking, reading and writing, while at the same time anticipating and dealing with questions you might have at every stage of the learning process.

It's entertaining.

  • The audio and digital components of our course material are engaging and motivating. The situations are memorable so you'll immediately feel involved. And unlike most academic textbooks, our books are both clear and engaging.

About Professional Learning Center - Linguaphone

Linguaphone is part of the Linguaphone Group, a world-leading provider of self-study and classroom-based language courses.

Over the last 108 years we have helped millions of people successfully learn a new language through our wide range of self-study language courses, now sold in over 60 countries worldwide.

The Linguaphone Group also has an extensive global network of over 200 English learning training centres for children and adults, operating under the internationally recognised brands of Linguaphone, Direct English and Pingu’s English.

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