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    Insurance laws and regulations are largely concerned with the regulatory forces governing insurance policies and claims. This course in this area provide inexperienced delegates with a foundation understanding and introduction to insurance laws and regulations. More experienced professionals in this field will develop a deeper understanding of this complex subject. Learn how to effectively manage insurance risk and develop strategies to handle claims - browse the list of training courses in Insurance law below and contact training providers directly by "requesting information". This course, which includes a practical case study, provides a useful introduction to the key principles of insurance law and to insurance terms. It will also consider significant changes made by the UK Insurance Acts 2015.

    Course Content:

    Law & Legal
    Contract Law
    Employment law
    Financial law
    Insurance law
    Pensions law
    Tax regulations
    Trade law
    Common laws
    Key Topics:

    Utmost good faith
    Insurable interest and indemnity
    Route Options:
    Employers Liability Insurance
    Public Liability Insurance
    Professional Indemnity Insurance
    Personal Accident Insurance
    Key Man Insurance
    Office Insurance
    Cyber and Data Risks Insurance
    Online Retailer Insurance
    Retail and Shop Insurance
    Trades and Construction Insurance and Insurance product Updated on 23 January, 2018

    Eligibility / Requirements

    Good command of English Language Basic Experience in the field.

    Job roles this course is suitable for:

    Finance and Insurance

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