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  • Accredited by: IAO
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World Time Zones 

Why time is different at different places? What is Greenwich Meridian? What are time zones? What is International Date Line? Why do some countries follow Daylight Saving Time? What is Jet lag and how to overcome it? Get answers to all these questions on Travel and Time. Understand Geography of Time. This course will clear the fundamental concepts of the students in Travel & Tourism. It will also help frequent traveller to understand why he / she needs to change the time in the watch during travel.

  • Geography of Time 
  • World Time Zones
  • Time Calculation
  • International Date Line 
  • Daylight Saving Time
  • Jet Lag

Understanding Aviation Industry 

Course covers Civil Aviation only. Course contains History of Aviation Industry and its evolution, International organizations such as ICAO, IATA, SITA etc. It also explains various components of industry like Airports, Airlines, Ground Handlers, Revenue Accounts, ATC etc. & their functioning. One can get a fairly good amount of understanding about the Civil Aviation Industry.

  • History of Aviation  
  • International Aviation Organizations 
  • International Regulations  
  • Aviation Regulatory Organizations  
  • Airline Operators 
  • Airport Organizations 
  • Air Traffic Control  
  • Ground Handling Organizations 
  • Flight Catering Organizations  
  • Aircrafts & Aircraft Manufacturers  
  • MRO Service Organizations  
  • Airline Marketing Network 
  • CRS / GDS organizations  
  • Airline BPOs  
  • Aviation Security 
  • Aviation Training

Understanding Aviation & Travel Terminology 

This course gives insight of the language used by the Aviation Industry people. It can provide various IATA, ICAO codes for Airports, Cities, Countries, Aircrafts, Airlines and it also gives a brief dictionary of words used in Aviation. This course also covers Travel Terminology which uses lot of typical words and phrases during operations. The course is useful to those who intend to get into Reservation & Ticketing area of the Airlines.


Understanding Civil Aircrafts

This course will provide everything you need to know about them such as their types, capacities, range and the facilities provided therein for the comfort of passengers. This course aims to fulfill the quest of those who wish to work in aircrafts as cabin crew or would like to travel in them.

  • Introduction to Civil Aircrafts  
  • Parts of Aircrafts & Cabin Layout  
  • Cabin configurations and features  
  • Aircraft Galley & Meal Carts  
  • Aircraft Lavatory  
  • Aircraft Engines & Fuel  
  • Narrow Body Aircrafts  
  • Wide Body Aircrafts  
  • Regional & Commuter Aircrafts  
  • Aircraft Selection & Fleet Planning  
  • Aircraft Cabin Cleaning  
  • Emergency & Fire Fighting Equipments 

Understanding Cabin Crew Career

This course will throw light on all the core activities of this career and help the aspirants to know the right things before they select this as their career!

  • Evolution of Cabin Crew Career  
  • Nature of Duties  
  • Cabin Crew Career & Requisites  
  • Customer Service Attributes  
  • Regulations on Duties  
  • Crew Scheduling (Rostering)  
  • Uniform & Grooming Standards  
  • Cabin Crew Training  
  • Emergency Training  
  • Fire Fighting  
  • Overcoming Jetlag  
  • Career Progression  
  • Interview Techniques 

Basic Course in In-flight Services

The course covers subjects like evolution of on-board services, cabin comforts, galley preparations, passenger services, F&B Services, Safety & Emergency Services etc.

  • Evolution of Onboard Services  
  • Passenger Cabin Layout  
  • Galley Preparation  
  • Cabin Comfort  
  • Pre Boarding Cabin Preparation  
  • Boarding & Deplaning  
  • In-flight Announcements  
  • Passenger Services  
  • F & B Service  
  • In-flight Entertainment& Connectivity  
  • Standard Safety Services  
  • Emergency Services  
  • In flight Terminology

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