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    Digital Marketing and Social Media encompass all electronic marketing or the Internet. It plays a vital role in marketing and is very cost effective as well. There are various channels covering with in Digital marketing that websites connect with like Search Engine, Social Media, Email and many other ways. Today everybody is taking advantage of Digital Marketing to market there product and service and to reach the global market. No matter where you are located in the world, your product can reach to the clients anywhere in the world. As well as producing innovative and creative social media strategies, you will learn how to boost brand awareness with content that makes your users want to share, tweet and pin your path to social media success. With the effective analysis of campaign results, you'll be on track to exceed sales targets and advance your career with the latest social media marketing techniques.


    This Course of Digital marketing and social media will give you and your team all the necessary skills and knowledge to efficiently navigate with your own way. Our expert trainers will pay attention to cover everything which is important from Paid Advertising, Using Google Analytics, Website Optimisation, Data Analysis, Social Media, Email Campaign to all the social media platform including, Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and much more. We will feed you with all the important tools to achieve your online goal and ensure your marketing activities are providing you with a positive result.

    Key Benefit
    The course will provide you with Updated knowledge, case studies and practical example with in the agenda. Digital Marketing and Social media training course will give you and your team the knowledge and tools to kick-start social media for your business. Starting with social media strategy, how to set up and optimise the different social media profiles and creating engaging content. Updated on 21 April, 2019

    About GBA -Professional London Training Center

    GBA  Corporate is one of the most upcoming UK training company with wide range of courses on offer in more than 15 Countries worldwide. Our Vision is to transform the training background, impacting corporate, and government sector to the individuals though result-centric programs.
    Our mission is to boost the performance through our wide range of innovative programs that will enhance the skills of the employee and will build new perspectives though our diverse environment.

    Our Slogan is our Vision and our mission. It starts with getting to know what your training needs are, understanding in depth and connecting with best approach to deliver results thereby making connections. 
    We help our clients Build, Deliver and Implement Learning experiences to drive higher levels of engagement.


    GBA understand your challenge and building a solution that's right for you.


    We deliver engaging learning experiences anytime, whether it is local or global facilitation your need is.


    We believe brilliant development relies on providing brilliant experiences. We will help you take your business, and people, to next level. We will walk with your training need strength by strength.

    We become your training partner; your coach and guide as you walk through the journey of your career and will help you realize your full potential.

    GBA Corporate is a family of highly expereinced, well versed and reputed trainers in their industry. They have ages of expereince in various streams and nurtured knowledge from their years of experience training the many delegates from Senior Executives, CEO’s, Directors to Junior Executives with in the Public and Private Sectors. They will deliver their knowledge, their experience which will directly impact the delegates and will enable them to work and contribute towards personal growth as well towards the organisation growth. 

    Our team is from diverse culture and holds the leadership skills with have sound knowledge of business and highly educated that will accompany you through the whole journey that you will never feel alone. They will understand your training requirement thoroughly and will guide you with the best possible ways. 

    Why GBA Corporate 

    GBA Corporate - Because we have something different to offer. We named our company as it signifies what we offer, how our client responds to our work, and how we feel about delivering it. Our work meets the brief, takes the weight off clients shoulders ,ease the tension and leaves them delighted with the results.

    With years of experience in IT, Healthcare, HR, Accounts and Finance and various other stream our management and training experience have catered large corporates, private and public sectors also delegates from the Parliament and Ministries majorly in Government bodies. Our training programmes are dynamic and effective giving you the knowledge you need backed with many case studies and practical examples.

    Our Recognition

    Professional Recognition & Registrations

    GBA Corporate is highly reputed and recognised company that you can rely on. You will be in the hands of a professionals who will understand your requirements in details. Our experience and our highly qualified trainers worked really hard to give the reputation and maintain the reputation of GBA. Our Course and officially accredited by professional body and UKRLP to give you more satisfaction and relaxed bent of mind.

    Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

    CPD is a Professional Development Body which give accreditation to the training provider after going through the rigorous process. Organisation generally want CPD accredited training. This make them sure that whatever they are retaining is good in quality and is updated and knowledgeable. It ensures our standards as a company are kept high and consistent.


    GBA Corporate is a Registered Learning Providers under UKRLP and gives you more satisfaction and guarantee that whatever you are learning is highly recognized and up to the quality of education

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