Developing Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Advanced Solutions New Horizons Lebanon
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About Course:

Students will learn how to implement SharePoint solutions using Enterprise Search, Managed Metadata Service, Business Connectivity Services, Enterprise Content Management, Web Content Management, Social Computing features and SharePoint Apps.

Course Outline

  • Creating Robust and Efficient Apps for SharePoint
  • Developing Managed Metadata Solutions
  • Interacting with the Search Service
  • Customizing the Search Experience
  • Implementing Enterprise Content Management
  • Developing a Publishing Site for Web Content
  • Structuring and Publishing Websites for All Users
  • Developing Optimized Internet Sites
  • Working with Business Connectivity Services
  • Creating Advanced Business Data Connectivity Models
  • Working with Business Data In Client Applications
  • Managing and Accessing User Profile Data
  • Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Advanced Solutions
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting Custom SharePoint Solutions

Course Objectives: 

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the apps for SharePoint development platform. 
  • Use the client-side object models and the REST API to communicate with SharePoint. 
  • Configure security for apps for SharePoint. 
  • Optimize the performance of apps for SharePoint.
  • Explain the capabilities and applications of managed metadata in SharePoint 2013. 
  • Automate the creation and configuration of managed metadata term sets. 
  • Interact with managed metadata term sets and fields from client-side and server-side code.
  • Describe the SharePoint 2013 Search Architecture.
  • Build simple and advanced KQL Queries.
  • Describe the SharePoint Search Index.
  • Describe and work with crawled and managed properties.
  • Describe the levels and security of the SharePoint Search Schema.
  • Create various types of result sources 
  • Create basic and complex query transforms 
  • Configure query rule conditions and actions to target query intent 
  • Create and modify result types 
  • Create and modify display templates

Target Audience: 

The course is intended for professional developers who develop solutions for SharePoint products and technologies in a team-based, medium-sized to large development environment. The course is ideally suited to SharePoint developers who have gained some experience with SharePoint 2013 and who are looking to build on their existing skills.

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