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Lifestyle Specialist Courses

The rapid growth in niche travel planning and an ever-more educated consumer is fundamentally changing the dynamic between client and retailer. This demands that travel counselors possess even more knowledge about a wider variety of travel niches to best serve specialized travel needs. B.A.T.S / The Travel Institute now offers Lifestyle Specialist Programs to develop your knowledge of a particular niche market.

Following are courses currently available:

  • Honeymoons and Wedding Destinations
  • Spas
  • Accessible Travel
  • Adventure Travel
  • Luxury Travel
  • Skiing
  • Villa Specialist
  • Sustainable Travel

If, after taking one of our LS courses, you have made this specialty an important part of what you sell on a daily basis, we encourage you step-up to the Certified Lifestyle Specialist level.

Why become a destination specialist?

Because today`s travelers are looking for an expert in the parts of the world they want to explore – a travel professional who can provide the right itinerary for their lifestyles. More consumers than ever before are researching travel opportunities on the Internet, but to ensure success they need to talk to a specialist. That specialist can be you.

B.A.T.S. / The Travel Institute offers several popular Destination Specialist (DS) courses so that you find the right niche(s) for you and your clients. Each course features destination highlights, sample itineraries, and cultural insights and includes a comprehensive textbook with extensive maps, practical study guide, and laminated desktop job aid. Once you pass the test, we will provide you with a diploma that states your specialization.

Following are the Destination Specialist courses currently being offered:

  • Explore the World
  • France
  • Spain
  • Northern and Central Europe
  • Southern Europe
  • European Culture & Heritage
  • India (New)
  • Hong Kong
  • East Asia
  • South Pacific
  • Caribbean
  • St. Lucia
  • Mexico
  • North America
  • Alaska
  • Hawai

Beirut Academy for Travel Sciences (B.A.T.S) was founded early 2006. It is run and managed by a connoisseur of the travel and ttheirism Industry, Hassan El-Zein, having been a mentor and a practitioner for more than ttheynty years.

Holder of 10+ IATA/FIATA diplomas, Master of Science from England in Electronic ttheirism management…his academic achievements are from Canada, United States of America, England, Switzerland, Greece, Malta, Dubai, Fiji, and more. Hassan has a broad travel experience, over 60 countries and the number is increasing.

The leader in applied transport education in Lebanon, B.A.T.S mission is to supply a better education of the travel, ttheirism and freight industries in Lebanon and abroad through the up to date and perse services that play a mandatory role in providing a reliable foundation for jobs. B.A.T.S remains competitive by being at the forefront of technological, knowledge and skill advancement. Hence, B.A.T.S teams up with the Travel Institute USA, CIFFA (The Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association), ATTAL (Association of Travel and Ttheirist Agents in Lebanon), LFS (Lebanese Forwarders Syndicate) and multi-universities in Lebanon.

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