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Price: USD 1,361
Instructor led live virtual classroom online. Classes may be individual or in group.
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  • Duration / Course length: Upto 3 Months

    Course details

    Course Overview:

    • Lesson 1: Data Analysis Fundamentals
    • Lesson 2: Visualizing Data with Excel
    • Lesson 3: Analyzing Data with Formulas and Functions
    • Lesson 4: Analyzing Data with PivotTables
    • Lesson 5: Presenting Visual Insights with Dashboards in Excel
    • Lesson 6: Creating Geospatial Visualizations with Excel
    • Lesson 7: Getting and Transforming Data
    • Lesson 8: Revisited to Python & Anaconda Setup
    • Lesson 9: Analysis using Python
    • Lesson 10: Data Visualization using Python
    • Lesson 11: Data Analytics using Power BI
    • Lesson 12: Presto
    • Lesson 13: Data wrangling with SQL/No SQL
    • Lesson 14: KNIME
    • Lesson 15: Predictive Modeling
    • Lesson 16: Time-Series Forecasting
    • Lesson 17: Statistics & Machine Learning Using Python

    Updated on 07 June, 2023

    Eligibility / Requirements

    Knowledge of MS Excel & Python

    About Aptech Computer Training

    Aptech Computer Training is among the leaders in career education in the Dubai & Sharjah. The company focuses on career development for students and working professionals. In addition, Aptech Computer Training also offers various training services to large companies to help develop the skills of their employees.

    Newly emerging trends and technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) cloud computing, mobile applications, Multimedia courses, Social media and Data analytics are bringing about increasing job opportunities in the IT & ICT industry. Aptech Computer Training, through its courses and curriculum, ensures that you are at par with global standards. We provide KHDA  Attested Certificates.

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