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    "Crucial Security Tips for You to Survive Any Deadly Crisis" is a beginners guide to better understand ISIS related terrorism in our communities, as well as actions to take in protecting yourself and loves ones in a deadly crisis.

    1. You are provided with an overview of dangerous ISIS related activity as it unfolds in our neighborhoods daily. 
    2. I also take you through the process and actions related to mental preparation, mindset and resiliency to survive in a dangerous situation are also presented by the Instructor.
      1. The proactive preparation and reaction to deadly events occurring in different types of spaces and events is showcased.

    The lessons are provided through video presentation, analysis, and quiz. Most Lectures have a corresponding "manual" of the information presented in the video format for ease of learning. This session presents a guide to developing a safer everyday life by increasing your knowledge of terrorism activity, as well as presenting ways for you to prepare and react safely in the midst of a deadly event.

    When you are educated on threat dynamics, this creates confidence to prepare for possible dangers and react smartly when life threatening events come into your path.

                        Join me in the journey of making our communities safer today!

    So just to recap, you're getting lifetime access to "Crucial Security Tips to Survive Any Deadly Crisis". This will help you with how to keep you and those around you safe during an attack or crisis, giving you the confidence to finally stop struggling with the fear of terrorism or how to react in the event of an attack or crisis. 

    Updated on 05 March, 2018
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