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    This workshop is primarily designed for advanced professionals who have a high degree of exposure to and understanding of Crisis Management (CM), such as CM/Business Continuity (BC) managers, planners, and project managers. It is the institute's most comprehensive CM course for those who are new to CM or intend to embark on this as his/her CM/BC professional career. The workshop curriculum will enable participants to get an extremely thorough understanding of the 7 BCM Body of Knowledge or BCM BOK for CM Practitioners, the globally recognised methodology for implementation and maintenance of CM programs. On completion of the course, participants should have acquired the skills and understanding to be able to drive complex CM programs and projects for the entire organisation.

    CM-5000 will also introduce the essential steps of developing CM strategies, design and implementation of CM plans, preparing and conducting awareness and training programmes. Participants will acquire the essential skills and knowledge of project management, risk analysis and review, CM strategy, plan development, testing and exercising, and program management.

    Learn to: 
    • Identify possible threats that may disrupt the organisation.
    • Strengthen organisational resiliency to counter major incidents and disaster.
    • Develop crisis management strategies.
    • Develop and implement comprehensive CM plans.
    • Create and develop CM awareness and training programme.
    • Conduct exercises and tests.
    • Implement CM audit and assessment programmes to ensure CM plan effectiveness.
    • Drive organisation-wide CM program.
    • Ensure effective program management on an ongoing basis.
    Updated on 23 November, 2017

    About BCM Institute

    BCM Institute is the 3rd largest Business Continuity, Crisis Communication, Crisis Management and IT Disaster Recovery institute in the world. Headquartered in Singapore with an operations office in Kuala Lumpur.

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