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Learning Objectives:
Acquire an in-depth knowledge of the key aspects of Strategic Crisis Management.

Learn how to identify incidents and crises so you can cultivate and harness the potential successes of a crisis.
At the incident site learn how to avoid miss-management and so make a bad situation worse.
Learn how to generate ownership and responsibility by all stakeholders to ensure your organization responds efficiently and effectively.
Learn how to recognize and prioritize the issues that are most likely to affect corporate reputation during and after crisis.
Learn the fundamentals of organizing and managing Crisis or Emergency Control Centers.
Learn how to plan and manage multi agency exercises - and make them more rewarding and exciting.
Take away step by step guidance on how to validate plans, to improve staff ownership, to augment training programs and to raise awareness.
 Describe the steps in the decision making process.
 Identify the assumptions of the rational decision making model.
Define certainty, risk, and uncertainty as they relate to decision making.
Describe the actions of the bounded rational decision maker.
Identify the two types of decision problems and the two types of decisions that are used to solve them.
Define heuristics and explain how they affect the decision making process.
Identify four decision making styles .
Describe the advantages and disadvantages of group decisions.


  Updated on 11 September, 2018

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London Training for Excellence (Londontfe) is one of the UK's fastest training companies and offer more than 300 courses at over 21 locations worldwide. The courses offered are designed to transform training for participants, giving maximum impact for organisations and individuals in the form of results-centric programmes and solutions that provide sustainable and measurable change.

Londontfe's ethos is to provide real life education that will provide the opportunity to learn in new environments and experience a new perspective which will give maximum impact to participants.

Londontfe will challenge participants throughout the entirety of the training, helping them understand new ideas and perspectives that will help them understand their own and their organisation's potential. They will become your training partner, coach and guide as you learn the tools and knowledge that will help you reach aims and goals, and to perform at peak levels.

The trainers are highly experienced in their industry, and will pass on their knowledge and tips that will directly impact the participants' productivity and enable them to work to their full potential. The leadership team comes from a wide range of business and education backgrounds, boasting perspectives from industries all over the world. The programmes offered give participants the opportunity to experience situations in the real work and work out practical solutions that will help them when they return to their workplace. 

“We listen. We apply knowledge to solutions with measurable results. We support the process and ongoing, sustainable change"

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With a combined management and training experience of over 70 years and clients ranging from large corporations and government bodies to small private firms and sole traders we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ policy. We seek out experienced business professionals to deliver what they know best. Our training programmes are dynamic and effective giving you the knowledge you require but most importantly backed by real life practical examples.

Right from the moment you choose London Training for Excellence, we are a source of support, giving you the skills and Knowledge to help you with your career; whether you want to change career paths or further develop your current role we are here to help.

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When you learn with London Training for Excellence, you are safe in the knowledge that you are learning to the highest standard. Our years of experience delivering training by our highly qualified trainers have demonstrated this to trainees worldwide. However, it has been a privilege to have been officially accredited by a range of professional bodies to give your training with us an extra quality guarantee.

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Employees of professional or formally regulated bodies are generally expected to have CPD accredited training. This type of accreditation ensures that the training is knowledgeable, informed and constantly updated. It ensures our standards as a company are kept high and consistent.

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The Institute of Leadership & Management is a professional membership body that connects people with the shared purpose of inspiring great leadership everywhere. The ILM professional recognition ensures London Training for Excellence’s leadership programmes are independently verified to have the most up to date approaches and content.

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With a background in learning stretching back to the 1980s, OCN Credit4Learning works to improve the quality of education across the UK.
Quality standards
Furthermore, our dedication to the provision of high quality training has been acknowledged in the quality standards we have been awarded.

ISO 9001:2015

The Quality Management System operated at London Training for Excellence complies with the ISO 9001:2005 requirements. ISO 9001 is recognized internationally as the world’s most widely adopted Quality Management System (QMS).

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