Q8 Singapore Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Q8 Singapore
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    This CPTED workshop has been designed for a broad spectrum of professions that have community safety as an aspect of their field of work. The workshop has a highly interactive format with an experienced facilitator introducing contemporary examples and leading discussion of CPTED concepts - with the added advantage of a practical site review exercise to put theory into practice. Participants will receive a Workshop Reference Guide outlining key issues and material covered as well as a suggested reading list to assist future exploration of the topic.
    What you will learn from this Masterclass:
    • DISCOVER and UNDERSTAND the relationship between CPTED and Urban Design.
    • INCREASE your knowledge and enhance your skills in the field of crime prevention.
    • UNDERSTAND how the contribution of other disciplines are important in a complete CPTED solution.
    • IMPROVE the cost effectiveness of your organisation's crime prevention measures.
    • STIMULATE your personnel to build, modify, and refine your crime prevention strategies.
    • BUILD upon your existing skills in a manner designed to give you a unique opportunity to approach problems differently.
    • TEST your CPTED knowledge and skills through a practical site review exercise.
    • ADOPT structured risk assessment tools can facilitate consistent assessment of specific problems.
    • REVIEW examples of CPTED strategies in action in a wide range of contexts
    Updated on 23 September, 2019

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