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Welcome to the Cost Based Pricing course!

The course is prepared by the Procurement Professional for Procurement Professionals, so it brings not only the boring theory, but applied knowledge and practical tools. This course is a small extraction of Future Procurement development program and it is specially designed for the employees of Production/Manufacturing companies and the Purchasing professionals.

Cost Based Pricing is a niche course, it covers this specific approach to price calculation for the goods or services. You'll learn about the:

-       Three general approaches to price setting,

-       general principles of Cost Based Pricing,

-       Direct and Indirect Cost Drivers for the price calculations,

-       Variable and Fixed costs logic,

-       Economy of Scale,

-       Specific tools and advice for applying Cost Based Pricing for your business.

The course is structured in a way to allow beginners to start right at the beginning and learn the entire way on using the Cost Based Pricing model, while more experienced Procurement Professionals can begin with the lesson 4 where we start digging deeper to the core of the method.

Obviously this course is not answering all the questions connected to Cost Based Pricing, but it gives to you the good understanding of the logic and methodology, set of tools to be used and principles to be applied.

The best way to learn is applying these knowledge and techniques in your daily job! Once completed this course, you should be able to apply it to your own projects without the need for further guidance. 

Updated on 16 September, 2018
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