CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7 Al Majaz Star Computer Training Center

Course Include:

  • Understanding vector and bitmap images
  • Working with multiple projects
  • Using independent pre-page layers and guides
  • Drawing and editing lines, shapes, tables and curves
  • How to create and use symbols
  • Working with text
  • Designing a business card
  • Shaping, filling, blending and extruding objects
  • Importing and exporting other file types
  • Customizing the workspace, menus, toolbars and palettes

1. Getting Started with CorelDraw

  • The CorelDraw interface
  • Working with new documents
  • New document advanced options

2. Working with pages and Dockers

  • Moving and adding pages
  • Understanding page setup
  • Arranging Dockers

3. Import and Export Files

  • Importing files
  • Using Corel Connect
  • Exporting files

4. Viewing Options

  • Working with zooming
  • Understanding page views

5. Working with Objects

  • How to use pick tool
  • Selecting objects
  • Moving objects
  • Sizing objects
  • Mirroring objects
  • Rotating objects
  • Skewing objects

6. Stacking Order and Undo, Redo

  • How to work with Undo and Redo
  • What is Stacking Order?

7. Drawing tools for a business card project

  • Understanding the drawing tools
  • Rectangle tool
  • How to add rectangles to a business card
  • Ellipse tool
  • Adding ellipses, pies and arcs
  • Polygon tool
  • Spiral tool
  • Graph paper tool
  • How to add unique graph shapes
  • How to add shadowed arrow shape

8. Artistic Text

  • What is artistic text?
  • How to add artistic text?

9. Duplicate and Align Multiple Objects

  • Aligning objects
  • What is duplication and distribution?
  • How to build an amplifier face?

10. Working with Color

  • How to use Uniform fill
  • Fountain fill
  • What is Color palette and the Document palette?
  • Interactive fill tool
  • Eyedropper tool

11. Outline types and color | Welding, Trimming and Intersecting objects

  • What is advanced outline properties
  • How to work with Weld, Trim and Intersect

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