Students will gain knowledge of storage concepts, components, and the ability to work on a storage networking environment.]

Course Outline

  • Exploring Storage and Networking Fundamentals
  • Describing Physical Networking Hardware
  • Examining Disk Technologies
  • Identifying Removable Media Technologies
  • Describing Modular Storage Arrays and Disk Enclosures
  • Examining Storage Network Connectors and Cabling
  • Describing Storage Architectures
  • Describing Ethernet Network Technologies
  • Describing an FC SAN
  • Describing Storage Management
  • Describing Storage Network Implementation
  • Introducing Storage Virtualization
  • Examining Storage Network Management
  • Evaluating Storage Performance
  • Securing Storage Networks

Course Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • examine the fundamentals of storage and network technologies.
  • describe physical networking hardware.
  • examine disk technologies.
  • identify removable media technologies.
  • describe modular storage arrays and disk enclosures.
  • examine storage network connectors and cabling.
  • describe storage architectures.
  • describe Ethernet network technologies.
  • describe an FC SAN.
  • describe storage management.
  • describe storage network implementation.
  • identify storage virtualization concepts, - technologies, and techniques.
  • examine storage network management.
  • evaluate storage performance.
  • describe storage network security.

Target Audience:

This course is targeted at network or system administrators whose responsibilities include working with and supporting various storage technologies; storage professionals who have a minimum of 12 months hands-on technical storage experience; or IT Managers who need a thorough understanding of current storage technologies.

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