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  • Duration: 30 hours
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Course Overview
The main objective of any language is to enable the learner to communicate with others. Commination is the basic function of any language. English being the most widely spoken language of the world, having communication skills is English is the most essential requisite.
Communication is the art of expressing and conveying our message. It involves expressing ourselves as well as understanding others expression.
Communication is therefore a two way process. It involves both sending messages and receiving messages through a medium. This medium is language.
To understand and express message we have to be well versed with languages, as well as the art of sending and understanding messages.
Messages can be spoken, written and gestures, Hence communication skills involve 3 skills
i. Verbal
ii. Written
iii. Non -verbal through body language

Communication Skills – General is meant for those who have less knowledge of English Language and find it difficult to express themselves in English and also find it difficult to understand others. Hence they are unable to conduct the daily business of life where English is the medium of communication.

How will this course help?
This course is specifically designed to help the learner become comfortably communicable with English in all walks of life. This course enables the learner to become confident with English. The course helps the learner to attain basic grammatical clarity. This course trains the learner for speaking and writing English.

Who will benefit?
This course will benefit all learners who need help with English and desire to communicate in English with comfort and confidence.

What will I learn?

  • Definition, meaning the need to communicate
  • Importance of English – encouragement to learn.
  • Alphabets- vowels and the consonants – how they join together – some two letter words.
  • Pronouns / possessive pronouns – some things to relate to
  • Some placement words- where, there, here
  • Some verbs- walk, play, run, talk speak, dance, eat, and drink.
  • Some preposition
  • Encourage to make simple sentences- pronoun + verb 
  • Placement word + pronouns
  • Common errors
  • Reading of simple sentences
  • Listening to some simple sentences/ writing
  • Some social courtesy – greetings
  • Simple conversation – also in writing 
  • At home – courtesy
  • In-office
  • Across reception desk
  • Answering simple queries
  • Getting over hesitation
  • Telephone –inquiry, answer – concept of a, an, the 
  • Asking people on road –vegetable market – vegetable, fruits
  • What , why
  • Supermarket – grains, cheese, drinks – writing also.
  • Dining table things
  • Electronics
  • Automobiles
  • Reading road signs
  • In hospital
  • In school
  • In Restaurant 
  • In clothes shop
  • Singular, plural
  • Punctuation
  • Tense – agree with verb – also write
  • Simple reading 
  • Simple comprehension

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