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Combined Sales & Marketing Diploma

People say it is money that makes the world go round and in the business environment, there are a couple of key activities that when combined form a well-oiled machine that makes sure there are always customers and cash flowing into the business. Sales and marketing are the two best friends walking hand-in-hand to help you achieve this ultimate goal.If you are looking to set up your own business, develop and market your idea or if you are simply looking to get a job in the fast paced business environment, then this combined course is for you. This ultimate sales and marketing course wraps up four key topics into separate courses - traditional marketing, digital marketing, advertising and sales. It is an overview of everything you should know and be doing in order to get your idea, product or business discovered.The course takes you on a journey to explore these topics, learning key concepts and techniques and building a solid foundation of knowledge and practical experience as you work through the modules, teaching you how to make sure that people know, buy and love what you have to offer.

What you will learn:

  • The fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation and how to make sure that your content can be discovered by search engines
  • What Web Analytics are and how they can help you see the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.
  • The key difference between marketing and advertising and why it is important to distinguish between both activities
  • The anatomy of an advert and how knowing about message positioning can help you build a strong brand
  • How to plan and execute a successful advertising campaign and why this is important for promoting your product or business
  • What makes a piece of content go viral and how to use this for advertising purposes
  • The psychology of selling and the theory behind the typical sales cycle
  • How to become successful in sales and have people buy your products

Marketing Diploma

The demand for high quality marketers is increasing exponentially and there has never been a better time to get into the field. Hundreds of new companies are incorporated every day in the world and to get their name heard, all of them need marketing.The Marketing Diploma explores the traditional methods and techniques used to promote and sell products and services. Beginning with the theoretical introduction to the four P’s of marketing, going through lessons focused on the practical ways to identify your potential client and their specific need, and wrapping up with step-by-step explanations of how to conduct a market research analysis, this course provides all the tools that a beginner in marketing may need in order to hone their skills.Stepping up the game, apart from fundamental knowledge, the course features advanced topics in marketing focused on the importance of building your own marketing plan and how it will help you boost the results from marketing.

Digital Marketing Diploma

The fundamentals of traditional marketing outlined in the Marketing Diploma are further expanded in the Digital Marketing Diploma course that looks specifically into promoting your products or services using the digital channels that are available today.The course touches on a variety of digital marketing tools and techniques. Mimicking the online behaviours of people, the course follows a logical flow - starting from the search engine and how to optimise content so the search engine can “understand” it and including practical advice on how to utilise social media and pay-per-click advertising to gather and drive traffic to your website.But digital doesn’t end with search engines and social media channels, there is more than meets the eye and the course goes in-depth to discuss how to analyse data using web analytics as well as how to plan and launch email and mobile campaigns. It is an all-round primer providing the “know how” to anyone who wants to be successful in the digital 21st century.

Advertising Diploma

People often explain digital marketing as just one slice of the marketing pie and using the same logic, advertising is another slice of the same pie, perhaps an even bigger one. The Advertising Diploma course is a brief overview of traditional advertising, focusing on practical methods and working knowledge.Strategies, planning and budgeting are the crucial components of a successful advertising campaign and the course explores all of them and more - it also examines what makes an ad go viral as well as the most common mistakes in advertising that should be avoided at all costs.Finally, the Advertising Diploma looks at the various abbreviations and UK legislation in regards to advertising and discusses the vast opportunities that online and print advertising can offer.

Sales Diploma

Marketing and advertising efforts do pay off and the result is the increased interest from potential clients as they are attracted by your brand and message. The next and perhaps the most important step is to help them reach the decision to actually buy your product or service by employing a variety of selling techniques.It has been proven that there must be at least five different contacts with the client before they reach the decision to buy as selling is an art of engagement. The Sales Diploma gives away the secrets of a successful salesperson in that it shows you the stages of the sales process and teaches you how to overcome objections that stand in the way of the deal.The Sales Diploma is a practical guide for anyone looking to gain the skills of negotiation and persuasion, the key skills for selling. It also looks at effective ways to write proposals, prospect clients and lead generation.

The Benefits of the combined Sales and Marketing Course

There are a number of major benefits associated with this special Sales & Marketing Course in that it does provide you with comprehensive knowledge to build your marketing funnel and use sales techniques to convert potential leads into paying customers. Secure the wellbeing of your business by learning all there is to know about sales, marketing and advertising and how you can become an expert in promoting and selling products and services.However, further benefits include:
  • Study online and at home
  • Study at your own pace
  • Have full support online as you complete the course
  • Take advantage of the comprehensive modules that are easy to follow
  • Receive an industry recognised certification at the end
  • There are no entry requirements
In today’s competitive field of global businesses, you need to make sure that your brand voice is heard and remembered and your products sold. It is a matter of being active on all fronts and carrying out a variety of sales and marketing activities. Fortunately, with all the information this combined course provides, you can be sure that you will learn everything you need in order to beat your competition and stand out from the crowd. Updated on 08 July, 2018

Job roles this course is suitable for:

Combined Sales & Marketing Diploma

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