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This course teaches front line retail managers the skills they need in order to be more effective and more comfortable coaching their teams. The course is delivered via a series of personal and PowerPoint-aided video lectures. Section One starts with a discussion about why coaching is so important to effective retail management. It continues with lessons on coaching fundamentals such as best location and tone to use when coaching, the five steps of coaching, and techniques for making the right amount of time to coach. Section Two, the Coaching Skills Backpack,is a series of techniques which help managers deliver coaching messages in the most effective manner. Lectures in this section teach the best times to use each technique, and they contain examples and demonstrations of the techniques in action. Section Three pulls it all together into the "Four Be's of Coaching." This not only serves as a review of the content from the first two sections, but it also teaches how to establish a productive coaching culture with the team. Students who enroll in this course will gain skills that will make them better coaches and more effective retail leaders.

Updated on 14 November, 2018
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