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Course details

The healthcare sector is a dynamic and ever-expanding industry, continually in need of professionals who specialize in Clinical Coding. Given the rising demand for healthcare services worldwide, the job market for clinical coders is booming, with opportunities spanning across hospitals, insurance companies, and telehealth services. The compensation is equally rewarding, providing a stable income and long-term career progression.

Our Clinical Coding course is meticulously designed to prepare you for this high-demand field.
With a focus on comprehensive theory, this course will equip you with the intellectual tools to understand and apply various coding systems, as well as manage and interpret clinical data.

Don't miss this opportunity to upskill and step into a career that combines stability with intellectual challenge. Enroll today and set the stage for your success in the evergreen field of Clinical Coding.

Learning Outcomes

Understand the fundamentals of clinical coding.
Gain knowledge about clinical record confidentiality.
Master clinical terminology and jargons.
Acquire in-depth understanding of ICD-10 coding.
Familiarize with OPCS-4 and SNOMED CT.
Recognize other types of clinical coding systems.
Comprehend legal and ethical issues in clinical settings.


The Clinical Coding course covers an extensive range of topics critical for anyone looking to make a career in this domain. The course starts with an introduction to clinical coding, gradually moving on to complex coding systems such as ICD-10, OPCS-4, and SNOMED CT. You will become proficient in understanding and interpreting clinical records, ensuring that you grasp the importance of confidentiality.

Moreover, this course offers modules dedicated to the legal and ethical aspects of clinical environments. These insights are particularly valuable as they provide a well-rounded view of what to expect and how to navigate challenges in your career.

Course curriculum

Module 01: Introduction to Clinical Coding
Module 02: Introduction to Clinical Records Its Confidentiality
Module 03: Clinical Terminology and Jargons
Module 04: Introduction to ICD-10 Coding
Module 05: General Coding Standards of ICD-10
Module 06: ICD-10 5th Edition Codes (Chapter 1 to 4)
Module 07: ICD-10 5th Edition Codes (Chapter 5 to 10)
Module 08: ICD-10 5th Edition Codes (Chapter 11 to 15)
Module 09: ICD-10 5th Edition Codes (Chapter 16 to 22)
Module 10: Introduction to OPCS-4
Module 11: Introduction to SNOMED CT
Module 12: Other types of Clinical Coding
Module 13: Legal and Ethical Aspects of Working in a Clinical Environment

Who is this Course For?
Aspiring Clinical Coders
Healthcare Administrators
Medical Records Clerks
Compliance Officers

Career Path

Clinical Coder
Medical Records Analyst
Compliance Analyst
Health Information Manager
Clinical Documentation Specialist
Researcher in Healthcare Informatics

Updated on 03 October, 2023

Eligibility / Requirements

To enrol in this course, all you need is a basic understanding of the English Language and an internet connection.

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