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    Course details

    Islamic finance has been growing steadily at an estimated rate of 10-15% per year and is currently estimated to have assets of around $1 trillion US dollars. As such, it has become an increasingly attractive sector within the financial industry. To be able to understand Islamic finance, it is necessary to understand the principles it is based on, and the fact that Sharia'a governs all aspects of a Muslim's life. The purpose of this course is to help understand the main Islamic principles and concepts in relation to Islamic banking and finance.

    What will I learn?

    • Understand the ethical underpinning of Islamic finance: moral guidance governing property and wealth given through the Quran; 
    • Learn about the role of Sharia'a, as well as its Primary (Qur'an and Sunnah) and Secondary Sources (Ijma', Ijtihad). 
    • Get introduced to the authorities able to interpret the Quran and Sunnah, as well as explore their role  
    • Know the infrastructure bodies overseeing and/or supporting Islamic finance and banking: the regulators (central banks or other authorities); the standard-setters (AAOIFI and IFSB); other institutions supporting the development of Islamic finance and banking (IIFM, GCIBFI, IIRA, IILM, and IDB Group) 
    • Explore other components of the Islamic finance industry: Sharia'a compliant equity markets; the market for Sukuk (Islamic bonds); Islamic Investment Funds; Islamic insurance companies - Takaful; the Waqf properties (Islamic charitable trust); Zakat funds (funds constituted of charitable obligatory tax); Islamic microfinance; purification of haram income .
    Target Audience:

    All Islamic finance institution practitioners (including Banks, Takaful and Investment Companies). Conventional banking practitioner wishing to learn the basics of Islamic finance including: 

    • Investment bankers 
    • Asset and equity managers 
    • Wealth Managers 
    • Fund Managers 
    • Stock Brokers 
    • Accountants and internal auditors 
    • Risk Managers 
    What will I benefit?

    • Earn CPD hours upon successful completion of the qualification 
    • CISI Student membership- become associated with a Chartered professional body and take advantage of an extensive range of benefits 
    • Access to Associate membership and ACSI designatory letters 
    • Successful completion of the exam will lead to the IFQ Qualification attainment offered by the CISI. 

    About LEORON Professional Development Institute

    LEORON Professional Development Institute is the leading corporate training company in the emerging markets of Europe, Africa, and Asia. LEORON has grown into one of the most comprehensive training institutes in the EMEA region, offering training solutions in all strategic corporate functions including corporate finance, HR, SCM, operations, sales and marketing, and engineering. With offices in Dubai, Riyadh, Jonkoping, Accra, and Almaty, we run over 500 courses and train over 10000 professionals annually across the EMEA region.
    As a leading Competency Based Training Institute, our commitment is to help increase Competitiveness of our clients by strengthening the skills, competencies, and abilities of their employees, assist with the Capacity Building programs and assure continuous Competency upgrade by providing them with knowledge, practical tools and learning systems that are unmatched in the market.
    LEORON Professional Development Institute mission is to help corporate clients and government entities worldwide in strengthening the overall competency of their employees by providing them with top quality professional training programs, conducted by unrivaled global experts and implemented by the best training managers in the industry.

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