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Instructor led live virtual classroom online. Classes may be individual or in group.
  • Duration / Course length: 6 Weeks
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    Management of talent in the workplace is a matter of central concern to all managers and not only to HR professionals. Therefore, all managers, irrespective of their functional areas, are called on to solve problems that involve significant Talent Management issues. Basic knowledge and better understanding of Talent Management would help them in solving such problems.

    By the end of the program you will learn:
    • Learn how to develop and implement Talent Management Strategies in your own organization
    • Recognize how to build a brand for your organization as an employer of choice
    • Identify how to influence Senior Leaders and gain buy-in for support, resources and accountability
    • Leverage the talent in your organization by managing performance, developing a talent pipeline and building a pool for future successors
    • Lead your organization to build an aligned talent management strategy and implementation plan
    MODULE 1:Talent Management Focus Center
    • CEO Concerns
    • War of Talent
    • Talent Management concepts - Surveys
    • Evolution
    • Talent Management Process
    • MEHR- CAMI Talent Management Model
    MODULE 2:Talent Management Analytics
    • Strategic Position Criticality
    • Manpower Planning
    • HCRI gap Analytics
    • Talent Projection
    MODULE 3:Talent Management Action Framework
    • Employee Stay
    • Intention gaps and EVP
    • Succession Planning
    • IDP
    • Talent Management Linkage with HR Areas
    MODULE 4:Talent Management Review
    • Building Talent Management Eco - System
    • Talent Management - Diversity issues
    • Talent Management ROI
    • Framework and Cost factors
    MODULE 5:Assessment Matrix and Evaluation Formats
    • Assessment Matrix
    • Formats Used for Evaluating or Rating Candidates like evidence sheets
    • Using BARS
    MODULE 6:Skills Required by an Assessor
    • The Role of an Assessor
    • Giving Feedback to the Candidate using ORSCED process - observing, recording, summarizing, classifying, evaluating, decision making
    Updated on 13 May, 2020

    About Middle Earth HR Pvt Ltd

    We are the 7th largest HR certification body in terms of number of HR professionals certified with 1,656 of them in the last one year going through our process of certification.
    Largest HR certifying agency in Asia.
    HR professionals from close to 50 nationalities have got certified over the last 2 years.
    Unique learning solutions in all HR verticals like Talent Acquisition, Training and Development, Performance Management, Compensation and Benefits, Culture and OD, HR Analytics.
    Having Exceptional Quality, Globalized and a practical approach to HR training. Having a workshop component, post workshop mentored project and certification support.
    Mentoring and supporting over 3,000 HR projects in over 2000 organizations annually through our faculty, project guidance cell and consulting team.

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