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    If you are anything like i was three or two weeks before my CISA Exam, then you are getting a bit overwhelmed by  the amount of stuff you still don't remember or understand in the CISA Curriculum, 

    You have probably tried your hands at some questions and found your self thinking "yea that's definitely the answer ..o! no hows that possible..lol.!". well i did something about it. After going through sample questions multiple times i started to see patterns in the questions, I could see that in certain domains questions were always asked on certain topics...Sometimes multiple Questions on the same topic, not all of them...but some...
    So i figured i would focus on these key topics, draw them out into easily memorable stuff, mnemonics, tables, pictures scenarios  etc...I did....and I Passed ..it was easy!... yea right..!

    and so this course is basically the fruit of those last few weeks well packed for those who are currently in my shoes...Enjoy..!

    Updated on 22 February, 2018
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