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Vskills Certified Commodity Trader is for beginner's pursuing career in commodities market. The certification focuses on imparting the necessary domain knowledge to acquaint the candidate with the operations and functionalities of commodities and derivative market in India. Commodity markets have a significant growth potential with the ability to benefit from rapid Indian economic growth, government initiatives and widening market participation.

Why should one take this certification?
The certification provides an understanding of commodity market and the practical aspects of commodities trading. The certification gives a visible recognition for your knowledge and is also beneficial for working professionals and people looking for a new job or promotion or simply more responsibility. The certification works as an added qualification on your CV and significantly improves your chances of getting the desired role.

Who will benefit from taking this certification?
The certification is beneficial for traders, research analysts, dealers, investors, treasury managers as well as students looking forward for a career in this sector.


Introduction to Commodity Markets
  • Commodity Exchanges in India
  • Global Commodity Markets
  • History of Commodity Derivatives in India
  • Policy Initiatives
  • Structure of the Indian Commodity Market
  • Parties of a Commodity Exchange & Trading
  • Latest Development
  • Benefits of Commodity Markets
Commodity Exchange Markets
  • The Role of Commodity Exchanges
  • List of Commodity Exchanges in India
  • Types of Commodities Traded in India
  • Active Commodities & Contracts on MCX
  • Active Commodities & Contracts on the NCDEX
Segments in Commodity Markets
  • OTC Markets
  • Exchange Traded Commodities
  • Spot Markets
  • Difference between Spot Vs Forward Transaction
  • Exchange traded VS OTC
  • Products
  • Functions
  • Clearing and Settlement System
  • Participants
  • Types of Derivatives Markets
Commodity and Financial Derivatives
  • Physical settlement
  • Delivery & Assignment
  • Warehousing
  • Forward Contracts
  • Introduction to Futures
  • Pricing Commodity Futures
  • Using Commodity Futures
Hedging and Speculation
  • Methods of Hedging
  • Short Hedge
  • Long Hedge
  • Hedge Ratio
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Hedging
  • Speculation: Bullish Commodity, Buy Futures
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Speculation
Introduction to Options
  • Difference between Futures and Options
  • Option Terminology
  • Types of Market Analysis
  • Futures Trading System
  • Entities in the Trading System
  • Commodity Futures Trading Cycle
  • Order Types and Trading Parameters
  • Order Entry on the Trading System
  • Margins for Trading in Futures
  • Charges
  • Hedge Limits
Clearing and Settlement
  • Clearing
  • Settlement
  • Warehousing
  • Indicative Warehouse Charges of NCDEX
  • Warehousing and commodity exchange
  • Quality of assets and functions
  • Role of an approved Registrar & Transfer agent and Assayer
  • Indicative warehouse charges
Risk Management & Margining
  • Calculating Initial Margin
Electronic Spot Exchange
  • Need for electronic Spot exchange
  • NCDEX Spot Exchange Ltd (NSPOT)
  • National Spot Exchange Ltd (NSEL)
  • Constitution
  • Trading
  • Membership
  • Advantages
Regulatory Framework
  • Rules Governing commodity derivatives exchanges/participants
  • Rules Governing Trading & Clearing on the Exchange
  • Rules Governing Investor Grievances, Arbitration
  • Implications of VAT
Updated on 31 January, 2019

About Vskills

Vskills is the largest certification body of India. It conducts skills testing and certification exam to improve employability. Candidates use Vskills Certifications, which are well recognized in the Industry, as certification of skills and knowledge.
Companies have benefitted by hiring pre-certified candidates from Vskills and also use the certifications for their in house employee appraisals. The certification body is affiliated to various organizations and is managed professionally by IIM Alumni.

Tests are conducted in a secure and unbiased manner, and certificates are awarded based on merit of the candidates who qualify tests.

Vskills certifications are for relevant qualifications that help students/employees quantify and prove those skills that are valued by the employer and are in great demand.

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