CCTV Al Majaz Star Computer Training Center

CCTV Installation & Maintenance Training

  • CCTV introduction
  • Tools & spares
  • CCTV camera models & types
  • CCTV Advanced camera equipment’s
  • Camera Lens
  • Lighting Concepts
  • Adapter Details
  • CCTV Monitors
  • Transmission Media (Cables/Wireless)
  • CCTV Camera connectivity method
  • Switcher (Customized)
  • Switcher (Customized Block Diagram, Connectivity)
  • Switcher (Customized CCTV-Audio Amplifier)
  • Switcher (Readymade)
  • Quad-Splitter
  • Multiplexer
  • DVR (Digital Video Recorder) Card
  • DVR Card Installation
  • DVR Stand Alone (Chip level class)
  • Wireless Camera (Chip level class)
  • CCTV Networking

MCTC Training Institute

Affordable and Professional training institute is now giving you the opportunity to join our family. You can now expand your thoughts, improve your skills and be familiar to the real world. The success of ATI relays on your professional skills development. Our highly qualified trained and competent faculty makes you one of the unique candidates in this competitive environment.

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