Cambridge Marketing College CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing Cambridge Marketing College
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Course details

  • Entry Requirements: 
A Bachelor’s degree in any discipline or 2+ years experience in a sales or marketing role.
  • The Qualification:
It provides students with both the knowledge of the principles of digital marketing and the skills to undertake digital marketing planning.
  • Benefits: 
This diploma gives you all the latest industry insights, knowledge and skills needed to plan, implement and monitor effective digital marketing campaigns. You will also be able to implement marketing plans using the latest digital tools and practices.

Course Modules:
Marketing and Digital Strategy  Mandatory
Understand an organization current and future internal and external environments, Interpret relevant information and define resources required to recommend a strategic plan , Develop marketing objectives , strategy   and  supporting marketing mix to deliver objectives , monitor results to adapt a plan for continuous improvement.

Digital Optimization Mandatory
Understand the strategic implications of the changing digital environment on organizations, Interpret relevant insights from the wider digital environment, Develop responses to changing stakeholder needs and behaviors, Develop a conversion optimization plan, Assess digital metrics and analytics, Apply key digital measures to analyze optimization.

The Digital Customer Experience  Mandatory
Assess the strategic options for channel selection and how to manage it effectively, Understand relevant insights into digital customers, Define requirements for legal compliance in digital campaigns, Understand the customer journey, Develop plans to improve the user experience.
  Updated on 05 January, 2020

About Cambridge Marketing College

Cambridge Marketing  College Europe's leading provider of professional marketing qualifications and courses, skills and development. Founded in 1991, our mission is to enhance the careers of marketers and the quality of marketing for their companies. CMC is an Accredited Study Center from Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

Egypt Office is managing in-house and cooperate  programs in Middle East, we have successful corporate trainings in different sectors such as; Telecom, Pharmaceutical and FMCG. We provide professional experienced instructors from Egypt and UK.

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