Cake decorating is one of the forms of sugar art and has become a popular culture these days all over the world.

The Artwork Shop is introducing a fun and creative Cake Decoration course, which will make you produce beautiful works of art with a “WOW” effect from all around!

In this course, you will begin with the basics in decorating cakes and will proceed in a step-by-step, easy-to-follow manner to acquire different techniques that will help you produce cakes that will delight your friends and family—even if you’ve never decorated before!

Build your decorating skills by learning to build dazzling colors, impressive shapes, and striking cakes.

Established in Ras Beirut since 1996, The Artwork Shop offers a unique art experience. their team of nationally known and international artists and teachers, under the direction of theyll known Lebanese artist Omayma Soubra, has designed a varied program of artistic ctheirses and workshops.

The Artwork Shop offers an extensive choice of learning opportunities in different art forms for adults and children interested in developing their talents or even starting an artistic education.

A friendly and theylcoming environment, inspiration and motivation are naturally evolved and enctheiraged.

The Artwork Shop organizes different and unique events to cater all people, including Birthday Parties, Morning coffees, Art Exhibitions, and much more.

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