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Course Outline


Words and sentences in C language

  • Alphabets in C
  • Keywords in C
  • Rules of forming words in C language
  • Variables
  • Basic data types in C
  • Constants
  • Comments in C

C instructions and rules for writing

Flow control instructions

Decisions control instructions

  • If
  • If-else
  • If-else-if
  • Nested if-else

Flow control instructions

  • Loop control instructions
  • For loop
  • While loop
  • Do while
  • Selection instructions


  • Why use functions
  • Components of function
  • Name of a function
  • Body of a function
  • Local variables of a function
  • Parameters or arguments to a function
  • Return values
  • Prototype of a function




  • What are strings?
  • String i/o
  • String manipulation functions


storage classes and scoping

  • Automatic
  • Register
  • External
  • Static
  • Scope of a variable

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