C++ Programming Al Majaz Star Computer Training Center

Content Outline:

Variables and Operators

  • Data Types
  • Character set
  • Literals
  • Identifiers
  • Punctuators
  • Operators
  • Variables and Constants
  • Variables: Definition, Declaration, and Scope

Conditional Statements

  • IF … ELSE
  • IF ….. ELSEIF

Loop Statement

  • FOR Loop
  • WHILE Loop
  • DO WHILE Loop


  • User defined functions
  • Functions: Declaration and Definition
  • Arrays
  • Single and Multi Dimensional Array
  • Array Declaration
  • Matrix Manipulation

Data Structures

  • Structures
  • Unions
  • Nested Structures
  • Pointers

Classes in C++

  • Starting OOPS Concepts
  • Defining Classes in C++
  • Classes and Encapsulation
  • Member Functions
  • Instantiating and Using Classes
  • Using Constructors
  • Multiple Constructors
  • Using Destructors to Destroy Instances


  • Overview of Inheritance
  • Defining Base and Derived Classes
  • Constructor and Destructor Calls


  • Overview of Polymorphism

Input and Output files in C++ Programs

  • Standard Streams
  • Manipulators
  • Unformatted Input and Output
  • File Input and Output

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