C# Programming Al Majaz Star Computer Training Center
Price: AED 1,000
  • Duration: 1 Month
  • Timings Flexible

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What will I learn?

Getting Started with C#

  • Installing the Visual C# Express IDE
  • Creating your C# application
  • Introduction to Visual C# Express

C# Language Fundamentals

  • Overview of the C# language
  • Understanding the structure of a C# program
  • Compiling and running your code

Program Flow

  • Reading and writing from and to the Console
  • Writing conditional statements
  • Using the switch statement
  • Using operators and expressions
  • Using constants and enumerations
  • Using loops
  • Using functions and methods


  • Working with numbers
  • Working with characters and strings
  • Methods
  • Defining methods
  • Calling Method

Custom Classes and Objects

  • Object orientation refresher
  • Defining a class
  • Using access modifiers
  • Defining properties
  • Understanding value and reference types


  • Working with arrays
  • Using array lists
  • Working with stacks
  • Using dictionaries

More Complex Classes

  • Creating abstract classes and methods
  • Using sealed classes
  • Defining structs
  • Using interfaces


  • Understanding exceptions
  • Introducing the Exception object
  • Creating your own exceptions

File Management

  • Introducing streams and files
  • Working with existing files
  • Reading and writing files

Some Advanced C#

  • Using variable parameter lists
  • Using optional and named function parameters
  • Working with delegates
  • Handling events

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About Al Majaz Star Computer Training Center

MCTC Training Institute

Affordable and Professional training institute is now giving you the opportunity to join our family. You can now expand your thoughts, improve your skills and be familiar to the real world. The success of ATI relays on your professional skills development. Our highly qualified trained and competent faculty makes you one of the unique candidates in this competitive environment.

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