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Note: This course is a subset of our much longer course 'From 0 to 1: SQL and Databases' so please don't sign up for both:-)

All too often, we write queries by copy-pasting from other queries that some friend or colleague copy-pasted from somewhere. We often don't appreciate the nitty-gritty, and are left with vaguely uncomfortable each time we try to change our query - and clueless when our queries don't run, or when they return unexpected results.

Joins are probably the most useful type of queries out there. They are the glue that bind together tables in a database, that connect the dots.

Once we understand - really understand - joins, even very complex queries start to make sense. And that's why this course is all about joins, with examples in MySQL to drive home the theory.

  • Inner joins
  • Outer joins
  • Cross joins
  • Natural joins
  • Left and right joins
  • Wrap up all of this with examples in MySQL!

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Updated on 06 March, 2016
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