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Updated on 08 November, 2015

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Poor writing and bad grammar can stall or sink an otherwise successful career. Don't let that happen to you or a member of your team. This coursetackles everything from basic usage to editing techniques, under the guidance of an instructor with over 30 years of professional writing, teaching, and editing experience. This course is interactive, fast paced, fun, and full of tips and techniques you can use immediately.

Program Objectives

At this program's conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Identify the "bottom line" in a writing task.
  • Understand the connection between audience awareness and a writer's style.
  • Arrange information in a logical sequence.
  • Write clear and concise sentences.
  • Eliminate the passive voice, wordiness, and redundancy.
  • Use correct punctuation and grammar.
  • Minimize word, sentence, and paragraph length without sacrificing clarity or substance.
  • Quickly proofread and edit a piece of writing.

Course Outlines

  • Dollars and Sense: The Benefits of Writing Well
  • The business world moves at a pace that often appears to be faster than light.  At times, it may seem to have little use or need for the written word.  However, almost nothing could be farther from the truth.  Clear and concise writing that, for instance, documents fact and persuasive writing that moves an audience to action are the cornerstones of business communication.  In this introductory lesson, participants will discover the difference between business and other types of written communication, along with the cost of poor writing skills.
  • Good News, Bad News: Discovering the Bottom Line
  • This second unit is designed to show participants how to state the main point of any writing task they might encounter. By reviewing examples of unfocused writing and completing exercises that require clear bottom lines, participants will understand how good writing is directly linked to a controlling thought.
  • Flow-Chart Clarity: Getting Information Organized
  • Another component covers arranging information in a logical sequence. Participants will see how by placing their bottom line at the start of what they write they will have a main idea that paves the way for subsequent sentences.
  • Target the Market: Knowing Your Audience
  • As important as understanding what to say is knowing who the intended reader will be. Audience awareness impacts style. Included in this segment of the program is information about how knowing an audience should govern such considerations as word choice, tone, and quantity of detail to use in a writing task.
  • Deal Breakers: Words, Phrases, and Expressions to Avoid
  • Sexist, racist, and pompous language has no place in business writing-intentional or not. Jargon, clichés, slang, and business buzz words similarly diminish the value of writers' ideas. This discussion explores the importance of word choices and how to avoid potentially offensive or trite expressions in written communication.
  • Language Economics 101: Clarity, Brevity, Active Voice
  • Nothing makes a piece of business writing wordier than excessive use of the passive voice.  In this section, participants will learn how to identify the passive voice and what they can do to eliminate it from their writing. Using writing samples, they will also practice removing unneeded words and phrases, consolidating redundant sentences, and revising others that contain jargon.
  • Necessary Layoffs: Removing Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling Mistakes
  • This component focuses on grammatical and spelling accuracy. With the knowledge that clarity and conciseness are earmarks of exceptional business writing, participants will review such problematic issues as sentence construction, subject-verb agreement, capitalization, and frequently misspelled words.
  • Performance Review: Shortcuts for Proofreading and Editing
  • This portion of the training exposes participants to the "natural" editing skills we have as humans. Through fast-paced group exercises, participants will see how the brain either overlooks mistakes or fills in the blanks when it processes the written word. Because of this phenomenon, participants will review quick steps for proofreading and editing their texts to eliminate any mistakes that aren't caught on a "first read."
  • Informed Investment: Applying the Skills
  • This final session gives participants the opportunity to practice what they have learned. By producing sample email messages, memos, letters, and other business documents, they will have the chance to demonstrate their understanding of the course content and receive immediate feedback from the instructor.

Admission requirements

  • Filling in the registration form, in details, and answering all the questions at the back of the registration comprehensively.
  •  Making a pre course interview with the head section.

About Hi Q Academy

In 2001 Hi-Q Academy started with one computer branch at 8th Moheb Street, Tanta, Gharbia governorate, Egypt with 2 computer labs and staff consisted of five administrators and three instructors. HI-Q started with great partner like Microsoft gold partner and focusing on offering computer ctheirses for adults who seek job opportunities.  Hi-Q was the first training center in Tanta that offer computer ctheirses with new, different and modern style that attract big numbers of people and achieved, for their clients, trust in a place that could be a good substitute for them instead of traveling to Cairo to get what they need. HI-Q Academy offered all Microsoft and Cisco ctheirses with theyll experienced instructors from inside and outside Tanta, they also started offer computer ctheirses for kids that helped so much in raising people awareness with the important of learning computer from young ages. Hi-Q Academy marketing plan along with innovate ideas in advertising gave it a great push forward in having good marketing share.

In 2004 their second Languages and soft skills was opened at 16th Botros Street, Tanta, Gharbia governorate, Egypt with five labs and at this moment their staff reached ttheynty administrators and over than fifty instructors.

In 2005 their main branch has expanded with another three computer labs with one lab for their international exams, VUE/PROMETRIC.

In 2008 Zagazek Branch was opened with a franchise protocol.

In 2009 Mahlla Branch was opened with a franchise protocol.

In 2009 Qatar branch was opened.

In 2012 they are expected to move to their new branch in Down Town in Tanta, Gharbia governorate, Egypt in one big place for their company.  

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