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Should I incorporate my business?

Do I need a board of directors? What can they do for me?

Should I sign that contract? What if I need to back out?

What exactly is a partnership agreement? 

In this super-simple primer, you'll learn the basics of business structures, agency, and contracts, specially designed for those who are launching or running a new business.

If you're an entrepreneur who's ready to easily master the basics of business law, corporations, and contracts, this course is for you.

Leverage Your Business to Greater Success by Mastering Legal Principles.

I created this course because I hated to see so many smart, focused, entrepreneurial adult students struggle with the basics of business law in my classroom.

I have practiced, researched, and/or taught law in two countries and yes, it's complicated - but the principals of law are so incredibly powerful, so perfectly developed to turbocharge your business efforts (or sink them, if you don't know the basics) that I set out to teach this in an easy, accessible manner so anyone can master the basics, speak the language, and even enjoy the learning.

This I firmly believe:

If you're smart enough to launch or run a business, or even launch your own professional career, you're more than smart enough to master the fundamentals of business law.

So I designed this narrated video series for smart, hard-working adults who are brand new to law, and not ready to commit to a complicated course series.

Each narrated video includes a quick concept overview, storyline update, learning review, vocabulary lists, questions for thought -- all this in just 2 to 3-minutes - followed by a super-simple spot-check quiz to position you for success from the very first lesson.

    ·Who should take this course? This course is for you if you are

    ·. . . Launching or running your own business

    ·. . . Working and collaborating with legal advisers

    ·. . . Working on the Board of Directors -- or plan to be!

    ·. . . Managing a professional career

    ·. . . Need to understand the basics of business or commercial law

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In Business Structures you'll learn:

What a sole proprietor is . . . and how you're probably one already without realizing it.

What a partnership is . . . and the single step to minimize the biggest risk to your partnership and your personal finances.

What a limited partnership is . . . and how you can use it to bring in extra financing, without losing control.

What it means to incorporate . . . how you might be reducing your risk, but doubling your tax exposure.

Partnerhsip agreements, shareholder agreements,

The basics of corporate accountability internationally . . . and ow 

solcial accountability

In Principal/Agency Law, you'll learn:

What the true legal relationship is between an employee, an employer . . . and the rest of the world.

How your employees represent your company . . . and how you might be liable for their decisions.

How you can sometimes "adopt" a decision that was never yours to begin with.

Why being on the Board of Directors can open you up to legal liability.

The basics of corporate accountability internationally, social accountability, and

who's really at fault, when corporations go bad. (Hint: it's uncomfortably close to home.)

In Contract law, you'll learn:

What three things are necessary to make a promise into an enforceable contract.

How you might not be liable, even if you do breach a contract.

What a court might do, what a court will almost always do, and what a court will never do, to fix a broken contract.

Five types of contracts that must be in writing - and a super-simple way to remember the list!

"Just 12 hours ago one of my clients was making inquiries on Incorporation and most of my response was taken from these modules."

----- Business Law Graduate, April 2012

I can't promise you'll use your first lesson within 12 hours like this student did!

But I can promise you will master this material so much more easily and more quickly then you ever thought possible.

Please join us! I love the law, and I think you will too.

Updated on 22 March, 2018
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