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Are you completely confident in your organisation’s ability to continue operating despite a major interruption? Loss of IT is the most common interruption suffered by organisations, regardless of size or sector, but how would you fare with other problems, such as:

  • Severe weather
  • Pandemic flu or other disease outbreaks
  • Terrorist attacks on critical infrastructure or crowded places
  • Flooding
  • Fraud
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Transport system failure
  • Major industrial accident
  • Any other threat particularly relevant to your organisation?

All too often, when the unexpected happens (e.g. extended periods of snow, flooding, a key employee being ill, a long power-cut), a lack of planning has made it difficult for organisations to continue their activities. Some businesses actually go out of business as a result. This very practical course helps you analyse all the issues that might affect your organization: not just the obvious major risks which hardly ever happen (e.g. fire or terrorist attack) but the smaller risks which are actually the most common cause of problems for most organizations (e.g. loss of IT, power or key personnel). You will leave the day with a new focus on the continuity issues faced by your organisation as well as the information and tools to cope with minor setbacks as well as major disasters. Re- member – volcanoes can affect us all!


  • By the time you leave this course you will have a firm grasp of:
  • Business continuity’ versus ‘Disaster recovery’
  • How to identify the risks which affect continuity of business – and how to mitigate them
  • The range of disasters which can seriously affect business
  • The importance of all employees playing a part
  • The need for awareness training for all employees
  • How to prepare and review a plan
  • The importance of communication and call trees


  • This course is designed primarily for Board members,senior man- agers and department heads. It emphasises the need for aware- ness training for all employees and c an be t a il or ed f or such a ‘roll-out’.


  • Participants in this highly practical one-day workshop are encouraged to take a pro-active approach, in small team discussions, case studies and practical exercises. The dynamic nature of this course requires that the number of participants be limited to no more than 12 if maximum benefit is to be had from the day.


  • Organisation’s existing policies and procedures can be reflected in this workshop, which can also be tailored to suit your particular organisation and the types of risk of most concern to you. The activities may vary ac- cording to level of participants and type of organisation.

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