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Course details

About the program

Weddings are one of the largest event industries, and brides want the best for their big day! Wedding and special occasion makeup is highly desired, and clients are willing to pay for high quality services.
As a wedding and special event makeup artist, you have the opportunity to grow your clientele considerably as you master your craft.
Many people do not consider the special circumstances that occur during weddings and events, such as difficult lighting and photography. This course will teach you the ways to apply makeup in the most optimal way, so your clients leave happy.

What you will learn

When you complete this course, you will:

Understand the best types of makeup to use for yourself and your clients.
Master application techniques to enhance features while incorporating requests and trends.
Learn how to incorporate a color palette into your makeup to coordinate with an event.
Understand how photography and lighting can effect makeup, and learn how to apply makeup to look best in those situations.
Learn tips and tricks to increase the longevity of makeup wear, and keep the makeup you apply looking flawless all day long.
Gain knowledge of product specifics to identify what items work best for individual client.
Know how to prepare yourself or your bride for the big day.
Leave armed with information on the business aspect of wedding and events makeup.

Course for?

This course is perfect for:

A makeup artist looking to fine tune their skill with bridal and event makeup
Brides who are looking to master their own makeup for their special day
Anyone with an upcoming event who wants to elevate their everyday makeup
Wedding industry professionals looking to add makeup services to their offerings
Photographers who want to understand what makeup will look best in their photos


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Career path

After you complete this course, you could:

Provide professional make up to assist photographers and stylists.
Improve the skill level of your professional make up service to individual clients.
Work as a wedding stylist and makeup artist
Consult with wedding planners on trends, the best looks, and how to achieve the highest quality photos and style.
Do makeup for bridal fashion shows, or other special events

Updated on 30 September, 2018

Job roles this course is suitable for:

Makeup Artist

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