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This course is for anyone who is not a massage therapist but wants to learn how to share massage with their partner or give a good massage to family members or friends.

Stress, pressure, tension... Accumulate in the body. Symptom including headache, poor digestion, fatigue, pain, aches, tight muscles! 

In this course Deborah takes you through Swedish massage that relaxes the mind, which in turn relaxes the body to reduce the symptoms and restore balance.  Swedish massage provides many of the techniques applied in Aromatherapy massage.  

Topics covered:

  1. History of body massage
  2. Professional and ethical practices
  3. Anatomy and physiology: students will research and write up a short essay of the reproductive system and cells
  4. Massage techniques and massage mediums
  5. Demonstrations of body massage
  6. Practice body massage with friends to gain the practical skills of massage
  7. Alternatively share massage with your partner to relax and enjoy a more intimate relationship.
  8. Recieve a certificate of completion from Udemy and personally from Deborah

Why take this course

  1. Learn from a seasoned professional and qualified therapist
  2. Learn natural approaches to improve and maintain health and well-being 
  3. Learn to assess for risks and contra-indications to treatment
  4. Because it is comprehensive with support here in the platform

Students receive lifetime access to the recorded materials and includes a video of massage therapy being given to model Kay, pdf manual that covers course topics, udemy certificate and a certificate of completion from The Calm Oasis School of Reiki.

Updated on 14 February, 2018
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