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    Are you just getting started in the world of 3d illustration, visual effects, motion graphics, or game development?

    If you are someone with little or no experience in the world of 3d and your looking to get results fast without putting down a lot of money on expensive software then this course was made with you in mind.

    • Great for complete beginners to 3d
    • Designed for people who need to migrate from other software
    • Immediately practical to you and your projects

    You won't have to spend a dime on software to get started.

    Blender is 100% open source software and free to download. But don't make the mistake of thinking Blender lacks any of the punch found in the so-called "standard" industry software.

    • Blender is maintained by a global community of artists and engineers
    • Always up to date with new features month to month
    • Free upgrades to the software for life
    • There's always help from the community when you need it

    No experience? No problem.

    I understand how hard it can be to hit the ground running when you're trying something new. And something as technical as 3d graphics can be daunting for even the most daring individual. But I'm here to put your mind at ease.

    • Detailed and No Fluff
    • Designed for you to take at your own pace
    • Explanation of the why along with the how to

    This course will take you from being a curious spectator from the outside looking in and bring you into the know making you part of the 3d arts community and giving you the tools necessary to ensure success in your creative goals.

    Comment from a Student

    "Brandon, thanks for putting this all together. I'm brand new to blender and have learned so much in just the few hours I've been here." - Jeremiah Dickens

    Are you ready to unleash your creative potential? Then get this course now and let's build something!

    Updated on 27 December, 2017

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