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    This course will review techniques for live streaming in black and white. Students can apply black and white photography knowledge and techniques to this course to create engaging black and white video content. Live streaming is essential live video production and therefore students will not only be able to live streamin in black and white but they will also be able to create short videos in black and white.

    The course will start off with an introduction to black and white live streaming. While live streaming is a fairly new technology black and white photography has been around for 100+ years. We will discuss best practices for looking good on camera which are extremely important when you take the color out of your video camera. We will discuss how to create video introductions and backgrounds in Adobe After Effects. Will will build a virtual set in black and white to be used for a cool old fashion television look.

    Finally the entire course will build up to the actual live show which will be live streamed on YouTube July 29th. Therefore this course will give you a complete "behind the scenes" look at the way this live stream was created.

    Updated on 27 December, 2017
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